Black Bean Pork and Pumpkin

Steamed pork with black bean sauce is one of my favorite diner dishes. As it is easy to make and you can marinate it upfront so that even your husband/boyfriend who usually can’t cook can prepare this while you are still stuck at work ;). This dish is delicious when served with rice. In addition to that, it will also remind you of the dim sum steamed spare ribs with black beans, so this recipe also goes great with dim sum dishes.

I learned this dish from my mom, so I hope that you will love it as much as I do ^^!

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Steamed Pumpkin Pork Belly with Black Bean
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Marinate the meat with minced garlic, fermented black beans, Chinese rice wine, light soy sauce and oyster sauce and mix it. After mixing it add cornstarch and mix it again. Set aside. (When I don't have a lot of time, I will steam it right away. When I have time, I will leave it to marinate for about 30 minutes.)
  2. Cut the pumpkin and place the pumpkin on the plate that you will use for steaming. Place the meat on top of the pumpkins. Steam it for 20 minutes on medium fire (start the timer after the water boils). in a new tab)

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Black Bean Pumpkin Pork Belly
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