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Kimchi Stew Recipe
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The Best Kimchi Jjigae/Stew Recipe

Kimchi Jjigae is a kimchi stew/soup, a traditional korean dish and my type of comfort food. In addition to that kimchi jjigae is also super healthy as kimchi delivers probiotics to increase the body’s immunity, which comes in handy to fight against the current pandemic. Since I have started eating this dish regularly (at least […]

Air Fryer recipes

Simple corn cob airfryer recipe

Today, I would like to share a super quick and easy airfryer recipe with you guys. Did you know that you can prepare corn on the cob in the airfryer in 10 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes in the oven? This saves so much time when you are craving for a grilled corn cob […]

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Sweet potato buns (红薯馒头)

Today I would like to present to you my sweet potato buns (hong shu man tou) recipe. I have always loved eating mantou’s, but plain mantou’s aren’t that healthy. That’s why I have mixed them with sweet potatos to make it a bit more healthy. For full recipe, see below: I hope that you will […]